Offsite Backups with R1Soft Continuous Data Protection 
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Host4u2 Hosting is pleased to announce the launch of our Off-site R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup service. Host4u2 Hosting is offering R1Soft on all of our hosting services. R1Soft offers a CDP solution for Linux and Windows servers. CDP is a high performance backup service, which enables disaster recovery, disk-based data protection, and Bare-Metal Restore.

Why Continuous Data Protection?

FTP Backup, Rsync and even RAID configurations are tried and true data redundancy
solutions.R1Soft takes data backup to the next level with bit-level disk-based data protection. Rather than reading and backing up individual files, CDP backs up data on a bit by bit basis. What's more, R1Soft provides near-Continuous Backups, capable of providing multiple recovery points.>

Managed Weekly and Monthly Backups
(on-site) are also included

Do I Need Backups?

Although we at Host4u2 do all we can to protect your data, it solely remains the client's responsibility to keep local backups of their data. We offer both Free Do-It-Yourself solutions via your cPanel, as well as Paid Subscription automatic backup solutions. Do NOT leave your web site data to chance...Review your backup strategies today, and act on them!

Imagine waking up, and data on your primary hard drive has been lost due to hardware failure, hackers or even a disgruntled employee deleting vital information... The reality of the Internet is that even with multiple levels of redundancy, data can still be lost. Ideally, your company should have at least two backup sources, which are maintained on a regular basis. So, the question should not be, "Do I Need Backups", but rather, "How Many Backups Do I Need". Although the answer varies, depending on the nature of your company's data, ensuring two backup sources for all critical data is a minimum requirement in protecting the vital data that your company has spent thousands, even millions to build and maintain.


R1Soft CDP is the first high performance backup and restore application for MySQL and the only application to offer True Granular Restore for MySQL. True Granular Restore allows you to restore your data down to the individual database and table level and also allows tables and databases to be restored to alternate locations. R1Soft truly offers the maximum in flexibility for MySQL database admins and developers!

Benefits of CDP

  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Differential and incremental Backups
  • Efficiently archive Data for long-term Disk-based Storage
  • IDE, SCSI, SATA Hard disks
  • Only near-Continuous Online Backups for MySQL servers
  • Database and Table level recovery
  • Only changed disk sectors are read during each synchronization
  • End-to-end Strong Encryption
  • Over 100 Recovery Points per Day
  • Point-in-time snapshots
  • Restore specific files/folders
  • Point-In-Time Snapshots for MyISAM and InnoDB
  • Restore tables or databases to alternate locations
  • Store over 50 MySQL recovery points per-day
  • Bare-Metal Restore for MySQL Servers
NOTES: (The 50GB represents Compressed data and equals approximately 100 GB of Raw data)
* The first 50GB of R1Soft offsite backup is only $5/mo. ($50/year) with any hosting plan. Order
* The first 50GB of R1Soft offsite backup is only $ ($150/year.) with any Reseller Plan. Order
* The first 50GB of R1Soft offsite backup is only $25/mo. ($250/Year) with any Dedicated Server. Order

You can purchase additional quota by contacting us.